Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge

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The “Book of Knowledge” (BoK) is a collection of texts providing descriptions of languages in danger in terms of the diversity of their structures, sounds, writing systems as well as issues related to multilingualism, language policy, documentation, revitalisation or cultural, social or technical problems related to the languages. The BoK is an integral part of the present website, it offers links to the related Interactive Map tasks and data included in another sections as well as to the external services and a vide variety of references for further reading. A downloadable version in PDF is available HERE.

List of chapters:

1. Languages of the World

2. Exploring Linguistic Diversity

3. Language structures

4. The sounds of language

5. Writing

6. Language and culture

7. Multilingualism and language contact

8. Language endangerment

9. Endangered Languages, Ethnicity, Identity and Politics

10. Language documentation

Glossary, subject index

List of languages

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